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Children's Kurung Modern Chevron Chiffon Zig-Zag Orange

RM 39.00 RM 129.00
  • Design suitable for bright and active girls.
  • It is cooling materials suitable for your kids. 
  • Very nice to wear on all occasions
Measurements :
Size = Shoulder x Bust x Length x Sleeve (FOR TOP)
1-2 y/o (80cm) = 25.5cm x 31cm x 47cm x 32cm
3-4 y/o (90cm) = 27.5cm x 33.5cm x 55cm x 36cm
5-6 y/o (100cm) = 29cm x 35cm x 62cm x 38cm
7-8 y/o (110cm) = 31cm x 37cm x 69.5cm x 42cm
9-10 y/o (120cm)= 32cm x 39cm x 74cm x 46cm
11-12 y/o (130cm) = 33cm x 40cm x 75cm x 47cm
13-14 y/o (140cm)= 34cm x 42.5cm x 77cm x 53cm

Size = Waist x Length (FOR SKIRT)
1-2 y/o (80cm) = 28cm x 54cm
3-4 y/o (90cm) = 32cm x 60cm
5-6 y/o (100cm) = 34cm x 66cm
7-8 y/o (110cm) = 35cm x 75cm
9-10 y/o (120cm) = 36cm x 80cm
11-12 y/o (130cm) = 37cm x 84cm
13-14 y/o (140cm) = 39cm x 90cm

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