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Children`s Embroidered Cotton Silk Kurung Moden Brown

RM 99.00 RM 129.00


Size = Shoulder x Bust x Length x Sleeve (FOR TOP)

1-2 y/o (CM80) = 24cm x 31cm x 49cm x 30cm

3-4 y/o (CM90) 26cm x 33cm x 56cm x 35cm

5-6 y/o (CM100) = 27cm x 36cm x 66cm x 40cm

7-8 y/o (CM110)  = 30cm x 39cm x 75cm x 45cm

9-10 y/o (CM120) = 32cm x 40cm x 79cm x 47cm

11-12 y/o (CM130) = 33cm x 41cm x 80cm x 50cm

13-14 y/o (CM140) = 35cm x 42cm x 82cm x 51cm

Size = Waist x Length (FOR SKIRT)

2 y/o (CM80) = 22cm x 54cm

3-4 y/o (CM90) = 23cm x 60cm

5-6 y/o (CM100) = 23cm x 70cm

7-8 y/o (CM110) = 24cm x 76cm

9-10 y/o (CM120) = 25cm x 82cm

11-12 y/o (CM130)  = 27cm x 86cm

13-14 y/o (CM140) = 30cm x 92cm

  Cotton Silk

- Separate with other white colors

- Hand Wash

- Do not bleach

- Do not tumble dry

- Warm iron

- Dry cleans with care


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